Message in a Bottle. Some Would Call it a Glass Vase.
Dear Valued Friends, Clients and FamilyIt comes with much excitement to announce that as owners of Petal and Bean, Stacy and I have sold the daily and retail operation of Petal and Bean and are passing the clippers and ownership over to employee Kayle Walker.

I have cherished our time helping clients design creative flowers and decor, or find the perfect gift. Over the years, we have realized that sending flowers was one of the original forms of social media. Our flowers had a message. And they usually came in a glass bottle or vase. A message in a bottle, so to speak.

We have helped clients send gifts of flowers that are meant to cheer someone up because they’re sick. To see that person’s face light up when they realize it’s a gift for them is really rewarding. You should see the girls turn heads when flowers are delivered. It’s true.

We appreciate getting to know our clients over the years, developing relationships and understanding how our products and services compliment their life experience. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to provide quality flowers with our focused artisan flair.

Any and all brides that have been working with me, Dina and Petal and Bean already will continue to have my assistance and support throughout the transition and completion of their events. Stacy and I are well invested in our mountain community with Summit Mountain Weddings, our wedding blog for Breckenridge, Summit County and the Vail Valley.

Thank you to all you for supporting us over the years. We are grateful to have had these experiences that have led us to the next phase of my journey. I’m developing offerings through my new website, The Flower Maven, with a page about Dream Maker, my idea for helping brides plan wedding flowers.

Learn more at Find me on IG and follow my adventures through my blogsite where I share my progression and passion as a florist, gardener and explorer.

We now hand over the clippers to Kayle Walker. Congratulations and much success in your career! We think you’re off to a great start.

Your friend in flowers,

Dina and Stacy Sanchez